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The missionary Congregation of the Contemplative Evangelizers of the Heart of Christ was founded on that  Most Memorable Day of 8th December, 1986(Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Our Mother Mary) at Rongai, Nakuru, by the Late Reverend Fr. John Marengoni [MCCJ] of Happy Memory, as a Charismatic Founder, as a canonically erected Public Association by the Bishop of  the Catholic  Diocese of  Nakuru,  by then Rt. Rev. Raphael Ndingi Mwana a’ Nzeki, with a Decree dated 15th April, 1986.

We are called by our Lord Jesus Christ “to remain in his love”(Jn. 15: 9), by being consecrated to His Father, as Jesus is consecrated to Him. (cf. Jn. 17:19): that our brothers and sisters too may be consecrated to Him in Spirit and in truth. Looking at the Heart of Christ and contemplating His interior attitudes, we form a contemplative Evangelizing community of faith, hope and Love; whose name is: “Congregation of the Contemplative Evangelizers of the Heart of Christ”.

Our initials are: C.E.C.C. = Contemplativi Evangelistae Cordis Christi. We are   always to write our initials after our personal names, so that we may constantly keep in mind the program of our life. In Swahili we are called: WATAFAKARI WAENEZA INJILI WA MOYO WA KRISTU. Our popular name is: Contemplative Evangelizers. In Swahili, Watafakari waeneza Injili.

Our Congregation is by nature Contemplative, Evangelizing and Missionary. Through much, fervent, community and personal prayer, we contemplate and we try to imitate the interior feelings and attitudes of prayer, sacrifice and zeal of the Heart of Christ. We share the methods and the fruits of our contemplation with as many people as possible.

Through a frequent celebration of the word of God; of the sacrament of reconciliation; of the sacrament of the Eucharist; in the churches entrusted to us. Outside our churches we preach retreats mainly for Religious and for the Clergy. We preach sacred missions to Christians and we help non-Christians to pray. We foster much missionary animation. All these activities are carried on in mission lands. It is our constant effort to make a well-balanced fusion of contemplation and Evangelization in order to create a peaceful co-existence of a prayerful life and of pastoral activities; through appropriate conventual’s structures. The preference is to be given to Contemplative life, in the way defined by our   Constitutions. In our apostolate emphasis is given to prayer, which aims at contemplative prayer.

Our congregation is Clerical; it admits also non-clerics on the same basis and with equal rights and duties, except those, which result from priestly ordination and from the laws of the church.         

As we consider ourselves members of a supernatural family, we call ourselves and we teach our people to call us “ Father n.n or Brother n.n”.

Our primary aim is the pursuit of perfect love towards God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit; and towards our neighbor, through the practice of the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, obedience; and through the practice of contemplative prayer. We live a fraternal life in common, making our whole existence a continuous worship of God in charity (c.f. Can. 607,1&2).

Our proper aim is to promote contemplative prayer in ourselves and in our people; by imitating the interior feelings and attitudes of the Heart of Christ; His meekness and humility; His self denial and kindness; his mercy and generosity; so that, planted in love and build on love, we may grasp the breadth and the length, the height and the depth of the love of Christ (cf. Eph.13: 18). Filled with the utter fullness of God, we try to be one in Christ and in His Father through His Spirit; as the Father is in His Son and as the Son is in His Father (cf. Jn.17: 21).

We reach our primary and proper aim by following more closely and more freely our Lord Jesus Christ who prays; and constantly moved by the Holy Spirit, he continuously contemplates the glory of His Father and he reveals it to us. 


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At the beginning of the 2nd Century of the evangelization in Kenya and in the central Africa, God established this Congregation [CECC] through Fr. John Marengoni [MCCJ] to develop the essential mystical, dimension of the Church, [contemplative aspect] in Africa, for the deepening of Christian Faith, for the renewal of the spirit of prayer of our First African Martyrs, Catechists, Priests, Religious and lay people, as a help to our zealous priests and religious who are often overburdened by many activities in the church with little time for prayer and for promoting prayer among the faithful.  The CECC hope to be of great help to the church with their prayer, with their practice of the four vows [Chastity, Poverty, Obedience and Promotion of Contemplative Prayer].




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