The institute of the Contemplative Evangelizers is by NATURE:

Contemplative: As it promotes contemplative prayer in its members through much community and Personal Prayer, daily Solemn Mass, all the Divine Office, daily Contemplative Meditation, half an hour Lectio Divina, Biblical Rosary, Way of Paschal Mystery.

Evangelizing:  The CECC have an active apostolate of preaching retreats, spiritual exercises, sacred popular mission, they practice priestly ministry in their churches [preferably those which are in the urban centers especially for retreatants and pilgrims.  They may also write booklets, especially on prayer, as part of their apostolate.

Missionary: The CECC work in the mission lands, and help the missionary animations and conversion, according to their charism, and their own identity.

Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Christ: The CECC aim at imitating the fundamental interior attitudes of the Heart of Christ, i.e. his consecration to the Father so that its brothers and sisters too may be consecrated in spirit and in truth.  The CECC pray in a special way for the sanctification of the missionaries of all the priests and religious people [men and women], especially in the mission lands. The Contemplative Evangelizers (C.E.C.C)Cultivate also special Devotion to  the Immaculate Maternal Heart of Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother, The Virgin of Revelation.

Clerical: It is for both priests and brothers.  The brothers are true contemplatives and help in the work of evangelization especially of the workers, without excluding others.

The constitutive elements of our Charism and the means to practice it are the following:

a).  A burning love for Christ. Possessed and overwhelmed by the love of Christ, we are to put nothing before Christ; we are to look lovingly at his Heart revealed in the Scriptures; as he mercifully acts in the sacrament of reconciliation; as he is truly present and praying in the sacrament of the Eucharist.

b). Much Liturgical, community and personal prayer, mainly in front of the Blessed Sacrament; we always start our prayers with listening to Christ!

c). A generous dedication to the ministry of the Word of God, of the sacrament of reconciliation, of the sacrament of the Eucharist.

d). An austere life of discipline and of penance to nourish our personal contemplation and to obtain the mysterious fruitfulness of apostolate.

e). A fraternal unity among our people and ourselves.

f).   A faithful practice of our fourth vow of promoting contemplative prayer through the devotion to the Heart of Christ.





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