The Contemplative Evangelizers aim at being the salt of the earth and the light of the world; (Mt. 5: 13), striving to be the leaven and the yeast of the flour; (Mt. 13: 33) this is done by sharing the methods and the fruit of our contemplation; we have to try to do some apostolate of writing. The sources of our writing are to be:

1).   The Holy Scriptures, that we have to quote abundantly and to adapt to the present existential situations of the people.

2).   The magisterium of the Church; its official documents.

3).   The tradition of the Church, which is transmitted by the Saints whose teaching and examples we have to report in plenty.

4).   Our own contemplative prayer and hard study.

5).  Our experience, coming from our contact with people.              

The main subjects of our writing about faith, morals and worship, are to be the following:

1).   Easy introductions to the various books of the Bible; to some important biblical events, with practical explanation and adaptation to our existential surrounding situations.

2).   Easy and practical spiritual treatises, mainly on prayer, with quotations of famous prayers of the saints; and of local traditional prayers. 

3).   Synthesis, summary and easy explanation of the main ecclesiastical documents, with practical adaptation to local situations.

4).   Plans and suggestions of pastoral initiatives, with practical pastoral aids.


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