Our specific apostolate is to pray with people and to teach them how to pray, how to prepare for Contemplative Prayer, how to become adorers of God "in spirit and in truth"being moved by the Holy Spirit in full conformity with the revelation.

Our specific apostolate includes the promotion of the devotion to the Heart of Christ, mainly through the contemplation and imitation of his interior feelings and attitudes.

The other Apostolates include:  

Sacred Mission

In the sacred missions to people, we aim at the conversion and the renewal of heart; through the sacrament of reconciliation and of the Eucharist; through the renewal of the Baptismal vows and of confirmation, matrimony promises; through fraternal forgiveness and charity. We “animate all the movements, the associations present in the parish. We visit the sick.

The subjects that we preach during the “missions” are to be taken mainly from the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. So we have to stress: the purpose of our life; the conversion from sin; the “last things” (death, judgment, purgatory, hell, heaven); the sacraments; the life of Jesus; the love of God, revealed by the pierced and glorious heart of the risen Lord in his paschal mystery; the absolute necessity and efficaciousness of prayer. During the sacred missions, we foster popular devotions, Para liturgical functions, using popular customs and traditions. We have to adapt the timetable and other arrangements for the retreats and missions to the necessities and situations of ordinary people, so that they may easily combine the participation to the retreats and missions with their daily duties.

We have to try to arrange appropriate retreats, missions, Para-liturgical ceremonies also for non-Catholics and non-Christians; we invite them first to pray to God with us; then, little by little, very kindly and prudently, we help them to get a knowledge of our religion, of our feasts, of our Biblical prayers; then we promote their cooperation with us in works of charity. (See art. 771, 2 of Canon law). Always with the permit of the ordinary, we may invite the leaders of non- Catholics and non – Christians religious to come to our churches with their people, and together with us, to offer to God some prayers, which are appropriate to their and our religion. (Con. art.188-191).


According to the regulations of the diocesan Bishop, we have to arrange for sermons in the form of retreats and sacred missions, (Can. 770) both in our churches and wherever we are invited. We have a marked preference for retreats to priests, Religious, Seminarians. In our preaching to them, we stress the urgent need and possibility of sanctity; we explain the means to reach it, mainly the personal prayer; the sacrament of the Eucharist and reconciliation, the private Eucharistic adoration; the spiritual direction; the celebration of all the liturgical hours of the divine office; an active apostolate. Our preaching of retreats to the clergy is to be based on biblical subjects, on the official documents of the church, on the life of holy priests. (conf.art. 187).

Writing of Articles

To be the salt of the earth and the light of the world; (Mt. 5: 13), to be the leaven and the yeast of the flour; (Mt. 13: 33) to share the methods and the fruit of our contemplation; we have to try to do some apostolate of writing. The sources of our writing are to be:

1).   The Holy Scriptures, that we have to quote abundantly and to adapt to the present existential situations of the people.

2).   The Magisterium of the Church; its official documents.

3).   The Tradition of the Church, which is transmitted by the Saints whose teaching and examples we have to report in plenty.

4).   Our own Contemplative Prayer and hard study.

5).  Our experience, coming from our contact with people.

The main subjects of our writing about faith, morals and worship, are to be the following:

1).   Easy introductions to the various books of the Bible; to some important biblical events, with practical explanation and adaptation to our existential surrounding situations.

2).   Easy and practical spiritual treatises, mainly on prayer, with quotations of famous prayers of the saints; and of local traditional prayers. 

3).   Synthesis, summary and easy explanation of the main ecclesiastical documents, with practical adaptation to local situations.

4).   Plans and suggestions of pastoral initiatives, with practical pastoral aids.


Our method of writing is to be popular, easy, and practical. We prefer to write booklets, pamphlets, leaflets, and articles for newspapers, magazines. We want to use many cultural expressions, taken from the way of thinking, talking, acting of ordinary people; taken from books and articles written by our own people.

We have to keep in mind the intellectuals, who very often are most in need of enlightenment and prayer. We try to organize groups of prayer with them and for them. We offer them deep explanation of biblical prayers and events and we exhort them and help then to write poems, novels, and songs related to our religion, mainly about the necessity and fruits of prayer.

The field of our apostolate is Mission lands; preferably where great crowds live; with priority to Africa, without the exclusion of any part of the world.

These are the priorities in our apostolic activities:

1). Our liturgical community prayers; in times and places suitable for the participation of the ordinary peoples.

2).  Biblical preaching of the word of God, in all favorable circumstances.

3). The ministry of the sacrament of reconciliation.

4). The celebration of the Eucharistic sacrifice and of Eucharistic Para liturgies.

5).  Preaching of retreats mainly to clergy and Religious.

6).  “Sacred popular missions”.

7).  Promotion of pilgrimages, especially to our churches, which are to be ministered as “shrines”.

8).  Writing of Spiritual articles and pamphlets, and books, mainly about prayer.

9). Hospitality to Religious, to Clerics, to common people, who want to pass sometime with us, living our life.

10). We promote the devotion to the Heart of Christ; and to the Immaculate, maternal heart of Mary.

a). We cultivate the devotion of the first Fridays of the month; of the first Saturdays of the month; the prayer of the rosary in he families; the devotion of hours of prayer to the heart of Christ in the families; we promote the consecration of families to the heart of Christ and the enthronement of his picture in the families, in various groups; we promote “groups of prayer” who practice communitarian reading of the word of God.

b). We promote consecrated vocations, especially to contemplative life; missionary vocations, priestly vocations; consecrated secular vocations; and the vocation to form authentic Christian families!

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